Living Dead in Dallas Audiobook Review Part 1

Without any ado, my rambling thoughts while listening to Living Dead in Dallas, the second book in the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris.

  1. Lafayette gets killed?! He was one of my favorite characters on the show! And I can’t believe there isn’t a Tara Thornton. It just doesn’t seem right. Sookie needs a human friend and Arlene only counts so much.
  2. Alcee is the only black person on the force? Kenya was black in the show and I guess I kind of just assumed. How was she described in the first book? (Mental note to check on that).
  3. Yes, Sookie, we realize you are not the most sexually experienced person in the area, but enough mentioning it!
  4. Holly sounds like a stupid bitch. She seemed pretty cool in the show.
  5. Bill is in the vampire power system as an investigator already. Was he an investigator before he became King of Louisiana? I know he was sent by the Queen of Lousiana to look into Sookie, so I’m assuming yes?
  6. Why are we describing and introducing Bill? If we read the first book, we should know all that already. Let’s not pull a Harry Potter and repeat Harry’s life story at the beginning of every book.
  7. And we already know all about True Blood (Life Flow? True Blood definitely sounds better; way to go HBO!) and don’t need a recap.
  8. Bill buys a strip mall? That has Tara’s Togs? Is this Tara Thornton? Will she be remotely like the Tara in the show?
  9. Dude, you can have free food and free clothes! Why are you so pissy about it? He’s not making you a kept woman, he’s just trying to give you nice things. He’s from a different era and isn’t quite aware of how modern society works. Though I don’t know how I would react in the same situation. Who am I kidding? Free food? Sign me up!
  10. Wow, we find out she’s (wonder if she’s named Maryann in the book?) a Maenad already when we first meet her.
  11. Where’s Jessica? She existed at this point in the show, right?
  12. Bill arrives at the airport in a wooden coffin instead of the metal one from the show. I would think it wouldn’t be as sunlight-tight as the metal traveling ones.
  13. Sookie is greeted by a priest who has a group of people hiding nearby. In the show it was just one guy from the Fellowship of the Sun. Is he a member of the Fellowship of the Sun? Is there a Fellowship in the books?
  14. What’s the deal with the bowing by the Anubis Air employees? I mean, Anubis is the god of the dead and Bill is literally a part of “the dead” but he’s not a god. I suppose it could just be a respect thing since Bill could quite easily kill each one of them before they could even react.
  15. Continuity error! The fridge in the Dallas hotel is stocked with Pure Blood, not Life Flow. Unless the blood was pure human and just refrigerated and the audiobook reader just put emphasis on the word Pure? But then Sookie mentions that tonight Bill would need the real thing which is why I figured it was supposed to be synthetic like True Blood/Life Flow.
  16. Hmm…Godric (Godfrey? no, stick to Godric, hun) has long hair and he’s a Renouncer? Ah, he’s on the side of radical humans and is planning to greet the sun. Seems fairly on point with the show.
  17. Hey! There’s the Fellowship of the Sun! About time they were named. It appears that Godric has allied himself with them to greet the sun. Again, seems close to the show, but I’m still not sure what the cowboy vamp has to do with any of this. I remember him from the show at the nest when they were planning on breaching the Fellowship compound to try to free Godric and he was a cocky, annoying bastard at that point.

I think I’ll stop here. This is up through Chapter 4. More coming as soon as I can find the quiet and time to listen again!

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